Ballett mit Lorena Galeano

About Lorena


Lorena graduated in as Licenciate in Classical Dance with metion in dance pedagogy from the University Espíritu Santo in Ecuador, one of the pioneer universities in Latin America to take dance to university level. Throughout her studies Lorena received several distinctions, which continued until her graduation in 2006 culminating her Degree with decoration. In 2010 she also obtained the postgraduate degree in "TanzKultur" from the University of Bern, Switzerland. Her experience as a dance teacher goes back from 2002 to the present, passing through Ecuador, Germany and Switzerland.

Lorena teach instruments are based on the methodology of the Cuban school of ballet which is not only characterized by its discipline and technical aspects recognized worldwide, but also by the efficiency of its educational methodology. The Cuban ballet school is characterized in summarizing the best technical aspects of the greatest ballet schools in the world (the Russian, Italian and French), thus creating dancers who have a high technical-artistic level.

In July of 2014 Lorena left for three weeks to an update course for ballet teachers to Havana, Cuba. The training took place at the headquarters of the National Ballet Company.

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